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Time to Relax

Remember when you were a child and you could sit for hours playing with rocks on the ground, or noticing the sounds when your eyes were closed or just laying back staring at clouds? That was a form of meditation.Or maybe you simply found a place in the sun and just felt the warmth on your skin while you let your thoughts go towards your dreams.That too is meditation.

Remember when you read about people “going inward” and didn’t really understand what that meant or wished you had more time to learn to meditate? Perhaps this is that time. Not just for you, but for your families and the children. What if this is a time of clearing and cleansing and a huge lesson in letting go of fear, learning to accept and appreciate and allowing yourself to take such good care of you and your family that you just know you will be fine. And what if you got so good at being quiet and calm that you actually heard and felt the messages from those who have left their physical bodies… and they are saying “I am fine,” “I am still here,” just in a different way”

In studying energy healing we recognize that we are a big electromagnetic field. Thought viruses and negativity weaken the field. Trauma weakens the field. Fear weakens the field. Now remember that the earth is a huge magnetic field. Every negative thought, every bit of anger, every trauma we create weakens and injures the global electromagnetic field. What have we done!

I have been guilty this past of week of anger at political situations and people who didn’t agree with me, spending time reading other people’s fears, opinions or perceived solutions. I’m wasting precious time. This is a time for to focus only on gratitude, compassion, love and faith. Faith that this is all part of a large plan that will lift up those ready to accept and embrace a new way of experiencing this tiny moment in time we call “our life” on this beautiful earth.

And for those who are the one’s busy giving care to others, with little time for inward thinking or self care… your lessons and purpose are even greater and will come with greater rewards.

So when you get the chance, turn everything off. Perhaps light a candle. Send healing to everyone you can think of, envision a peaceful, sane, healthy world. Appreciate yourself and FEEL the connection to all people. Meditation is imagining and connection. Meditation is just being quiet. Meditation is sitting in the window feeling the sun on your face. Try it for fifteen minutes… or fifty!

Blessings to all.


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