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Feeling Lost on the Path

Sometimes I feel lost. I always thought that as I got older, grew in my professional and life experiences, got rid of what wasn’t working for me and embraced the new, I would eventually feel like I “had arrived.” Or at least I would feel confident and complete. And sometimes that is exactly how I feel. Yes, some days I just feel lost. I thinks it’s because life is supposed to be a game of lost and found.

Why do we get feelings of being lost on our path, inadequate or worse yet, depressed for what seems like no reason? We start to question, “Why am I feeling so down?” Or “Why am I not getting the things I want?” or even, “What’s wrong with me?” It’s easy to get lost.

But lost is just a feeling. And I believe it’s our inner guidance’s way making us stop, question, look around and receive new information. Perhaps it’s something new that needs to be learned. But usually it’s information that we need to get by listening to ourselves and taking the time for our own spirit to speak to us. We’re never really lost, we just get unsure of where the path is leading, or which fork in the road to take. And this is when a daily meditation can help. A time for yourself when the goal is feeling calm and getting answers. It can be a silent meditation, mantra or chanting. It can be listening to guided meditation. And for me, a walking meditation in nature, slowing moving but noticing and connecting to all around me is the most effective.

I believe a lost feeling is also part of the “going within” that begins to happen as we move into fall and winter. I love the energy and excitement of spring and summer, but the slowing down, shorter days of winter are a hard transition. For many, it truly is a loss. It makes me tired and less ambitious. But instead of accepting this as a fact, I feel this loss of enthusiasm and the self-doubt starts. Do you think the bear feels depressed before he goes into his winter hibernation? Or the squirrels are feeling lack as they desperately move to collect and store nuts for the winter? Probably not, but we sensitive humans sure do.

The pandemic has made so many feel lost and unsure of the world around us. While some embrace having more me time, others find this a huge loss and don’t know what to do with their new found time. And of course, many have lost jobs, security, loved ones and a feeling of losing their freedoms. All of this is loss which can make you feel very lost. But you are NOT lost and one by one new ways of finding your way out of the darkness will be revealed to you -- IF you take time to listen and learn. Things will continue to change and one day the pandemic will be behind us. But most likely, things will be very different, so use this time to find your true self.

There are so many ways of learning to tap into your own inner guidance and hear your true authentic self. Meditation, healing energy and other techniques are there to help grow you emotionally and spiritually. Listen to your inner self to re-discover old passions or learn something totally new. Even though at times we all may feel lost, there is always a new path so that we may be found.


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