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“During the most difficult time of my life I began praying for spiritual guidance. By chance, I happened upon your advertisement in a local magazine. Ironically I was in the waiting room of a therapist’s office at the time. It’s so true that there are no coincidences in life. After having a few sessions with you I no longer felt any need or desire to continue seeing the doctor. I would leave his office feeling as badly as when I arrived. After a session with you I would feel as though I was somehow lighter. Like layers of emotional baggage had been stripped away.  I was guided to you and I am grateful for that. I so thoroughly enjoyed your level I class and I can’t wait to begin level II. You welcomed us into your home and made us feel so comfortable.  I never wanted the classes to end.  Reiki has brought a new sense of peace and calm into my life.  Thank you for sharing this gift with me!”    

Cliff Jardine  Chicago

“I took my first training with Wendy several years ago. She very quickly became “My Teacher.” A Reiki session with her is quite magical. She is a remarkable healer and instructor. Wendy uses hands-on and practical techniques while holding the spiritual in all she does. Roger is an astonishing intuitive. He has an understanding of healing and “seeing” that goes far beyond the here and now.    Together they are a dynamic team that is both caring and powerful”. 

Lee-Ann Meredith, Reiki Master Teacher, Author & Intuitive Reader of Akashic Records  Chicago

“I took a crystal class with Roger a couple of years ago. His insights and ability to lead you down the path so that you can find your own answers is extremely helpful and empowering. I learned a lot about how crystals can be used to supplement and augment Reiki treatments. It was a great class!” 

Steve Burrell   Santa Fe

“I’m very grateful for the time you spent with my mother as her time on this earth was drawing to a close. Your Reiki sessions were very deep and profound. It was also very meaningful to me because it confirmed what I was already feeling from her. I did everything I could to provide a beautiful and loving environment for her. Your visits were part of that and I thank you.” 

Betsy Okner, Chicago 

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation on Reiki, its history and uses. Ever since the program, people who attended have been commenting on how much they enjoyed it….your presentation style won rave reviews.”  

Nancy Brothers  Coordinator of Programming and PR Morton Grove Public Library

“I took the Reiki master class with Wendy about two years ago. The class was excellent. I learned quite a bit that helped me use Reiki in a more powerful way. Roger was also in the class. Separately and together, they both brought a lot of insights in how to assess issues with clients and apply Reiki. This also applied to working on yourself as you move through the world. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in increasing your knowledge and application of Reiki. They are both great teachers!”

 Steve Burrell  Santa Fe

“I have received Reiki treatments from Wendy for several years, and have worked with Roger since they began working together. They have facilitated my healing journey with sensitivity and clarity. Being able to release the trauma patterns from my body and exchange unhealthy patterns for healthy ones is a beautiful gift that has allowed me to heal and has also had a positive impact on all those with whom I interact. It has helped me become a better mother, wife, and teacher. I have learned to move from the heart rather than the mind. ~    I have seen Roger and Wendy help those struggling with addiction, depression and suicidal tendencies. They lead you so that you may find your own way rather than tell you what they see or what choices might benefit you or harm you. In this way you are empowered to bring positive change into your own life.  ~ I visit them if I simply need grounding and reconnecting on a spiritual level. I also see them if I feel that I am struggling with a difficult change in my own life regarding past abuse or current challenges. Having Roger and Wendy in my life as guides whom I can completely trust and embrace, and to whom I can open both my heart and mind has led to immeasurable growth and beauty.”  

Aiyana Pendleton Santa Fe

“Reiki has had a major impact on my life. At its most basic, it is incredibly relaxing and brings me a strong sense of serenity. On its most profound level, it has helped me face my fears, let go of old baggage and approach my life with a sense of calm and inner peace.”  

Kyra Cavanaugh  Park Ridge, IL

“Wendy is a wonderful teacher. She is clear, thorough and has a great communication style. She is energetic and passionate about her subject and the process of teaching in general. Her classes are not only informative but enjoyable as well.”     

John Oberhausen, LMT, Reiki Master, Santa Fe

“How can I thank you for the gift of quality time with my mom. My father, sister and I are in your debt forever! We realize our time is limited and precious, but thanks to you and Reiki healing, she is so much more alert and comfortable. God Bless You Wendy.” 

Harold, Marcy and Paula Silver, Morton Grove Northbrook IL

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