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Wendy Jordan

Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Healer and Author

All of us are on a spiritual journey.  I believe that’s why we’re here.  Some know their path from an early age.  Others, like myself, get caught up in the world of raising a family, climbing corporate ladders and the struggle to “keep up.”   And then a life event happens that changes our course and causes us to begin the journey of deeper understanding of ourselves, our world and seeking our true path. 

The event that changed my life came in 1999 when my father passed away. Although I was with him frequently, and tried everything I knew possible to help make him comfortable…there was an awareness in me that something was changing.  I felt I was losing my connection to him.  I longed to make a spiritual connection with him, but did not know how. And after his death I experienced a depth of grief that surprised me.

I now know that when we feel a loss or are depressed,  Spirit starts showing the way to fill that spiritual void.  That’s when Spirit brought me to Reiki. Out of the blue a friend told me about a Reiki class. I had no idea what energy healing was at the time, but I knew I needed to take the class. And it changed my life.

I began studying with Michael Soto, a Reiki Master who teaches and honors the Usui System of Natural Healing. He is also a shamanic healer who passed on invaluable information we call “non-traditional Reiki” that builds upon and enhances one’s own healing skills. I went on to study with  Native American Healers,  “Holographic Memory Resolution” with Brent Baum (a trauma healing technique), “The Lifeline Technique” with Darren Weissman, “Lessons for Living ~ Being with Dying” with Denys Cope, Karuna Reiki and many other workshops and seminars to expand my skills.

In the 20 years that I have been practicing and teaching Reiki classes, I have expanded my spiritual healing techniques to include animals, hospice, shamanic techniques and journeying. And I’m proud to say that after a decade in Santa Fe I have now trained over 250 students and certified more than 60 Reiki Masters.

Some of my most rewarding experiences have been through Reiki sessions at the end of life. Many of  these experiences are recalled in my book “Embracing the End-of-Life Journey,” a memoir that I hope will help people to be more comfortable and present with their dying friends, family and pets.

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