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The Ancient Art of Hands-on Energy Healing

Heal Your Body

Nourish Your Spirit

Empower Your Mind



To my new healing center with serene gardens, a meditative koi pond, and surrounded by natural forest in the rolling hills of East Peoria in Central Illinois

Our goal is physical, spiritual and emotional healing and growth and assisting in releasing your physical and emotional pain. We do this through many modalities, such as Reiki, trauma release, journeying, intuition and shamanism. We also assist you on your spiritual journey.

Wendy Jordan, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Healer and Author

I opened my Reiki practice in Park Ridge, IL in 2000 and began treating clients, teaching Reiki classes, writing Reiki articles and volunteering for hospice and animal shelters.  A decade later, I moved to the spiritual mountains of Santa Fe to open Wendy Jordan Healing Arts. I treated hundreds of local clients and tourists and trained many new Reiki Masters in the Usui tradition.  I also wrote my book “Embracing the End-of-Life Journey,” a spiritual approach to end-of-life care. 


I have now moved back to the Midwest and look forward to more healing work, classes and being involved with the spiritual community. And of course, I will always provide distant healing for clients… wherever you are!

Learn more about Wendy here.

Roger Ayres, Shamanic Reiki Master, Intuitive and
Animal Communicator

My spiritual journey started when I was a little boy, realizing I could see energy and auras, had natural intuitive healing abilities, and could communicate with animals! After training to become a Shamanic Reiki Master, I use my intuitive abilities for healing both people and animals.

Learn more about Roger here.

Why Get Reiki

About us
Why Naturopathy

In Shamanism, when a person is feeling depressed there are four questions that are asked: “When did you stop dancing, when did you stop singing, when did you stop telling your story, when did you stop laughing?”  We are creative beings that are meant to feel joy and connection to the earth and other people.  Both Reiki and Shamanic help alleviate depression. More

Self-healing &
Spiritual Connection

By learning Reiki techniques and being attuned to the Reiki Energy, you begin your own journey into physical and emotional healing.  Your immune system is strengthened & energy body protected.  More

End of Life Care

Reiki healing offers people amazing gifts as they are nearing the end of their physical life. Pain management, stress relief and emotional support are the main focus…but deeper spiritual understanding and acceptance of this life phase are the true gift that Reiki offers. More

For Animals

Because animals are so sensitive to energy, they respond well to Reiki energy. Roger adds so much to our work with animals because of his animal communication skills. Although he spent many years as a professional horse trainer and whisperer, he can tap into any animal to see what the problem is. So often animal allergies or behaviors are due to food issues, emotional conflict with other pets, or training issues with the owner.


I have found Reiki to be one of the best ways to combat stress – and probably the number one reason why my clients come for Reiki treatments. We know that stress can affect you physically, resulting in muscle tightness, aches and pains, headaches, digestive disorders, low energy and many, many more symptoms. But stress also plays an important role in your emotional outlook, ranging from nervous to anxious, to depressed. More


“Our attunements took on deeper meaning as we connected with the sacred earth all around us. Not only is Wendy a gifted Reiki Master Teacher, whose concern for her students is unmatched, she has become a wonderful friend.”

— Martina E. Faulkner, LMSW Author of 365 Moments of Grace, What if..? and InspireBytes™

Services and Pricing
Call Wendy to Book a Class or Treatment (505) 466-3040

Reiki Treatments

With Wendy

60 minute $95

90 minute $130

Series of Three 60-minute sessions $240

10% discount for veterans and students

Reiki picture no mask.jpg

Reiki I Class

Weekend Class

April 6th & 7th

10 to 3pm, $375

Learn More

Reiki 1 Class pic.jpg

Journeying Class

Discover your Angels, Guides & Shamanic Animals Learn More

With Roger & Wendy

4-hour class $200

Crow Friend

Distant Healing

Phone Sessions with Wendy​

60 minute $85

3 sessions $200

Learn More

Looking Towards the Horizon

Reiki II Class

Mon/Wed Afternoon

March 25th & 27th

12 to 5pm, $400

Learn More


Animal Communication

With Roger   

60 minutes by phone $120


Reiki Refresher

Zoom with Wendy

To review any Reiki topics

$85 per hr.

Wendy Reiki Refresher.png

Reiki Master Class

5 Full-day Sessions

Individually Scheduled

Learn More

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End-of-Life Hospice Reiki

Give your loved one a spiritual treatment at home or care facility. Or order my book. 

Learn More


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